How do you know if you have a skunk under your shed or porch?

The most common location where you can find an Arlington skunk is on porches and sheds. In winter, Virginia skunks set up their dens under elevated homes and decks due to the warmth that these places provide.

It is important to remove the Arlington skunks residing under your elevated porch. You should look for possible baby skunks as well since the mother might have set up a nest where you found the animals. The most important step that you can do is to install a barrier around the perimeter of your porches. Aside from skunks, other wildlife animals may found the area under your elevated porch as a convenient den for the winter.

Skunks have sharp claws which they can use to dig the earth. It is important to dig deep foundations when you are setting up your barriers. Install a steel structure If possible so that the wild animals can’t gnaw at it. These steel fences can be bought from your local hardware and home depot.

A sure sign to detect skunks is when you see one. You can see them hunting and scavenging for food during nighttime since they have poor eyesight. They are exposed to predators when they go out at daytime and they might not be able to prepare their defense mechanism. Other signs that tell you if there’s a skunk are the following:

Bad smell or odor coming from under the porch
Humans can smell the bad odor emitted by skunks from their anuses about a mile away. If you smell something unusual, check for areas such as abandoned dens or spaces under the porch. Even if the skunks do not use their defense mechanisms, the smell is part of their bodies and can’t be easily removed.

You see holes on your yard
You might go out and garden one morning and you see holes in your yard. There are many wild animals that can serve as culprits for these holes. Skunks are one of them. They are gifted with sharp claws that they use to dig for food or shelter. The holes are generally circles in shape. If you also hear weird digging noises at night, you might have to watch out for skunks.

Your pet dog barks at night
Dogs bark on many wild animals and strangers. This is the same when they see skunks. Your dog can see better at night so it can be assumed that it has seen a troop of skunks parading in your yard looking for food.

If you see skunks and you don’t want to be sprayed, the best course for you is to call a professional. These people know how to handle skunks the right way without the risk of getting sprayed. They also wear masks in order to protect themselves from the bad smell that skunks can produce. Most importantly they have experience on how to handle skunks and other wild animals so you don’t have to waste your precious time removing them yourself.

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