Please be aware that each job is different, depending on the type of animals involved, the damage the animals may have caused, etc. To get a more exact price estimate, just give us a call at 571-248-7068 and describe your problem. We will be happy to give you a more exact price over the phone.

Small Jobs: This could be a one-stop trip such as to remove a dead animal or snake in the house. $100-$200 range

Medium Jobs: This could be a multi-stop project involving setting traps, making small repairs, etc. $200-$400 range

Large Jobs: This could mean several service visits with full home and attic inspection, the removal of multiple animals, complex repairs, attic cleanup, etc. $400 +

While being experts at any wildlife removal needs you may have, our staff has established themselves as the very best and handling and removing rodents. We are the most effective rodent control company in the city. We solve your problem by rooting out the rodents at the source, finding their colony or den so that we can quickly and humanely remove these animals so they are not able to get back into your home. We find entryways and provide professional grade building repair to ensure that they cannot get back into your home. We give you a full-service call, ensuring that your rodent problem will not be an issue in the future. Our great service does not end there, however. We also handle virtually any kind of wildlife issue you may have. We not only know how to root out birds from your home, but use state-of-the-art equipment to prevent birds from roosting on your home or business. We have even dealt with a number of bat colonies in our time, removing the entire colony from their home. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are having an issue, know that we are here for you.