Will Rats Bite Human Neck

Most people fear Virginia rats due to different reasons. History told us how deadly they can be. They can carry heaps of pathogens and fungal spores that can transmit diseases. There is absolutely no way to determine how many of them are lurking in the obscure areas of your house. They can also cause destruction in their area of infestation. There is also that nagging feeling that it may attack you while you are asleep. You might be scared that it can bite you in your neck and can damage your carotid artery.

The Dangers of Arlington Rat Attack
Before the Arlington rats can even attack your neck, they will most probably run away. Rats look at us as a large predator and they will not fight us. They will immediately look for an escape route once they are cornered inside the room. However, they can still attack if they feel that they are threatened.

How to Avoid the Attack of the Rats
Rat bites are rare; nonetheless, it happens. The best way to avoid the attack of the rats is to have a preventive measure in place. At an initial glance, rat problem may seem to be overwhelming. However, if you have the proper knowledge and a comprehensive plan, you will realize how easy it can be.

Knowing What Attracts the Rats
Rats prefer to live close to humans since it provides them a quick access to food source. If you ignore your regular housekeeping, you are highly likely to attract the attention of the rodents. Rats have a wide range of diet. They will not be picky in terms of the foods that they eat. When in the wild, rats have been blamed as the culprit in the dwindling population of certain species of birds. Apart from that, they will also be eating seeds, nuts, and plants.

Rats, just like any animals, can attack if they feel surprised or scared. In case they don’t see any escape route, they will definitely fight to open a path. In the past, there have been cases of rats chewing and biting babies. Elderlies that are bed ridden can also be prone to the attack of the rats. According to the theory, people will be attacked by the rats if they sleep with food residue in their body. Therefore, our fingers will often be vulnerable to their bites.

Rat Infestation
If you are suffering from a rat infestation, you will need to look for ways to get rid of these pests. You will have to guarantee that the cracks and holes all over your house will be completely sealed. Remember that the rats can use a hole that has a diameter of ½ inch to invade our home. If this is lesser that ½ inch, the rats can chew this hole to enlarge it. Be sure that your house will remain clean and free from food scraps. Rats have small stomach and can survive on small food scraps.

Finally, if none of these works, you should ask the assistance of the professionals. Rat infestation can expose you to health and safety risks if you continuously ignore it.

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