What do wildlife rehabilitators do with opossums?

There are many wild Virginia opossums roaming around the US. Due to the increasing problems that each state encounters whether to take down the opossum or relocate it, wildlife centers were established in counties.

If you see an abandoned baby Arlington opossum, the first thing that you should do is to call a wildlife rehabilitator. This is to ensure that they go back to the wild in great health. The rehabilitators can treat any injuries and feed the baby opossum effectively.

What do They Actually Do in Rehabilitation Centers?
Some of the rehabilitators will be hesitant to take the baby Arlington opossums. Some factors that can trigger this are not enough space in the relocation centers, not enough volunteers, lack of budget and a lot more. Most of the employees in the rehab centers are voluntary members. You have the option to give some financial help when you are handing a wild baby animal to them. Keep in mind that medicines, formulas, food, and water costs money. Therefore, a lot of rehabilitation centers need a lot of help that they can gather in order to continue caring for the wild animals.

Rehabilitation of Opossum
The rehabilitation depends on the animal’s age and the level of care that it needs to survive. For opossum that is less than 4 inches, blankets are essential in order to keep it warm. Cow’s milk is not an option for opossums. There are special requirements for the formula that is fed to the baby opossums. Rehydration every few hours is also needed. The level of care should be similar to the mother opossum’s care. Trained rehabilitators will determine what kind of level baby opossums need.

When a wild animal like an opossum is given to a wildlife center, the first thing that rehabilitators do is to check for injuries. They will treat them effectively and wait for the injuries to heal. After this, they will check for diseases such as rabies or leptospirosis that can be present in the animal’s droppings. If an animal has rabies, they will be given treatment until they are cured. They will be fed and cleaned while they are in the rehabilitation center. Most of the wildlife centers aim to be able to release the animals back in the wild. These animals do not need human intervention when they grow up since they are able to hunt for their own food and reproduce on their own.

Other services done by rehabilitators include removal of fleas, checking for other contagious bacteria, and stimulating baby opossums to help them excrete. There are many education programs and training that rehabilitators do in order to properly care for the animals. Each species is different and they should be given the care that they needed.

You can visit your local wildlife center and ask questions about what other services they do. You can get an idea of how to deal with opossums if you know when to call the wildlife rehabilitation center.

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